Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An update.

I love my husband. I would think that much is pretty obvious at this point. Sometimes though, my husband is a dick. Last night he said he was going to get papers for divorce in an argument when he was angry. Not a good way to try to end an argument with your ginger wife. Just saying.

We talked through everything, and figured out why we were both so angry. The fact is that we have a new roommate with 3 animals (I'm allergic to 2/3rds of her animals) moved in with us and we DON'T have the room until April when we move. It makes me feel as though my needs for living without being itchy all the time aren't important. Not to mention that she is alway hanging out with my husband and is flirty with all guys all the time forever and I don't trust her. I trust my husband, but I don't trust her,especially if my husband is drunk. He's a dumbass and really easy to manipulate when he's drunk.

Either way. The past 3 days have been less than fun. I watched over my friends when they were drunk on St. Patrick's Day, watched over my husband the next night all night when he was in the emergency room, and then the day after that he tells me in anger that he wants a divorce because I got pissed off when I was watching something on the television, and they started blaring music.

Fuck 'em.