Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tell me tell me can you feel the pressure?::edited::

So this post in all lower case letters and most punctuation missing, brought to you by cell phones suck for blogging.(edit: I fixed it now. Still hate my phone for making me redo this though.) I want to be happy that there isn't anything super wrong with me. No kid, no gallstones, benign tumor in liver thats been there for ages, but apparently I screwed up somewhere because its my ribs that hurt with pressure on them so that I can't sleep on my preferred side(the right side, for inquiring minds). Still nauseous, still fatigued but since I'm not actually throwing up and my blood chemistry is normal the doc calls this a win, even though we didn't find anything out. So now I have to take Prilosec for my minor acid reflux I've always had because the doc had me take that this week thinking it was sickness based on acid reflux. I don't know. When I get to my computer tomorrow, I will fix this post (edit: Done. Obviously). For now, I'm going to try to go to bed. Early day tomorrow. Happy birthday to Kyle, or, as he is better known, Bitch.

Ok as for the events of the day, doctors, then went to work, picked Brian up after work and we ate at Rubin's deli, which is AMAZING if you're ever in the Lakewood/Westlake area (not really sure which city it is considered). Then we stopped at Common Grounds, our fave coffee place, and found out that Bitch was celebrating his birthday at the bar a few doors down, but by the time we got there he was back in his truck passed out. Yay birthdays. Anyway. Things and stuff. I'm out.

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