Monday, June 25, 2012

List 20 random facts about yourself

1. I was born in Elyria. It took 21 years, and then I lived there for a year. I think I might move back in another 21 years, just to make a pattern.

2. I'm pretty much just addicted to playing Solitaire Blitz and Fallen London. I blame Facebook and Felicia Day.

3. Whenever I read "IT" by Stephen King, the song "Float On" by Modest Mouse gets stuck in my head.

4. My friends are 1. insane and b. the most amazing friends that a person could ever hope to get. I seriously thank the gods for them on almost a daily basis.

5. When I can't sleep, I put on Rock so that I can sleep, because classical music doesn't work.

6. From October of 2011 until very recently, there were very few days where I didn't feel like my dying would not matter even a little. I was extremely depressed, and honestly wouldn't have been able to get by if it weren't for the people who love me.

7. Halestorm is my current favorite band. Her voice is amazing, and the songs make me full of happy.

8. I am the party mom at the parties I go to. Someone has to make sure the people I love are safe all night, and I like watching them drunk anyway.


10. My favorite dessert food to make is brownies. I make AWESOME brownies.

11. Every day, I try to think of one good thing about myself. It doesn't always work, but I always try.

12. I love a lot of people, in a lot of different ways.

13. I don't like watching sports if I'm not right there in the stadium/arena. I like having the whole experience if I'm watching, not just the portion that television thinks is important.

14. I want to do something more with my life than I have. If I could make my art my life I would love it, but I can't do that at this point.

15. For the first time in my life, I am moving into my own apartment, where it will be my space and no one can tell me what to do with it. I'm kind of terrified about this even though I'm ecstatic.

16. As much as I hate Brian for what he did to me, I miss being able to talk to him without it being awkward. He knows more about me than anyone in the world, and the fact that he could use any of it against me terrifies me.

17. Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, I need Spice Girls to cheer me up, because there is nothing NOT ridiculous about listening to Spice Girls.

18. I talk to Drew more than I have ever talked to a significant other, and due to this he knows a lot more than most people who have only known me for 3 months. It is kind of scary, but I feel I'm getting better at trusting, and determining who deserves trust.

19. I like almost every kind of music. There are some things I can't stand (mainly newer rap) but I will listen to anything once.

20. I really miss singing, soccer, painting and swimming. I just feel so trapped in my life right now with not being able to get those things done.

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