Sunday, March 15, 2015

Proximity bombs

Because you think it matters, you think I wouldn't feel if you weren't always here. But that's not really what I see as the main point. You being here isn't what makes me think of you. I've thought of you daily since we started hanging out, before you were ever here. You just stick in my head for being you. If you hadn't, I wouldn't want to spend time with you daily. If you weren't in my head often, we wouldn't have gotten to the point of not knowing the last time that I didn't see you every day.

Proximity doesn't make things worse for my feelings. It reminds me of them, yes, but that isn't the same thing. You being here doesn't hurt me. Only has once. And we discussed that.

I like having you around, because honestly, it makes things easier for me. It isn't all that complicated. When you aren't here, I still think of you, still worry about you, still want to spend time with you.

The issue is not our proximity, as much as problems in definitions. You consider a friend a higher regard than a love interest. I think of it the opposite way. You don't put labels on things of that sort, and I feel that is alright too, as long as everyone knows where they stand. And right now, I don't. Yes, you've explained you want my friendship, but based on your definition of friendship, I am confused. That is what we don't talk about. And we don't talk about it because I can't open up that much to be dashed down because you don't feel for me the same way, even if by a different name.

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