Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What do you want from me?

I don't express myself well in person all the time.
I don't want to say things that end up pissing you off or disappointing you,
but I'm tired of this game we play, the one where I never know if you are afraid to lose my friendship and won't risk happiness,
or if you honestly feel nothing more than friendship. I know you consider them the same feelings, but I can't.
I want to have a chance to see, to try, to do what needs to be done to have that chance. But if its all pointless, if it all ends the same way, then what the hell are we doing?
Playing a game of pretend, where no one wins for losing?
Ignoring feelings for the sake of comfort and ease?
Pretending that I don't care about you doesn't work, because you see through those easily.
Pretending that it doesn't bother me when you blur lines so thoroughly that my head spins doesn't work, because I can't read you like I can read most people.
I know you want my friendship, but I don't know if you want it only because you aren't interested in me, or because you don't feel you can be.
I have chosen not to be monogamous, because in the past, I haven't had someone who meets the standards I hold. Right now, the only thing you don't do that I need is cuddle randomly, which is because of the blurring of the friendship line, which I can understand and respect.
With you, monogamy would never be a chore, or a compromise. I know you don't believe that, but it is the truth.
The problem I have, is that I don't know what the hell you want from me....
And I don't think you do either.

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