Saturday, May 19, 2012

I've got a tight grip on reality but I can't let go of what's in front of me here.

He loves me.

He loves me.

He loves me.

No matter how I put it, it is hard to wrap my head around it. With everything I'm going through, even though things are really screwed up and I'm someone else's according to law, even though he's a state away, even though we haven't technically met even, my redwings fan loves me.

<3 Not even the incredibly awful day I had at work could take away from that. Our new district manager pretty much just sat in on our day today watching how we did things and then bitched at Jaimi about how he feels that I shouldn't be left alone at the store just yet, even though I have done just fine on my own even being thrown into being alone my 4th day on the job. Jaimi had my back, but still. What a dick. I also had a customer offer me money to type up his church hymnal because he saw that I type quickly. So... YAY!

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