Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17: Where I crashed hella early

How I feel today (a little different than normal, because Felicia Day is adorable)

So. I worked from 10am to 9pm. Alone. For the first time. In my first week. And everything went fine, apart from the last hour when Murphy's law decided "Oh I totally almost missed our appointment for the day! I'll make it up to you!"

It was just an awful last hour. I had to do a contract, and for whatever reason the computer didn't want to file it, and then the person wanted to leave because she was all in a rush and then I had someone come in who wanted to close their account and get a refund, but the credit card machine was all "Oh I'm just chilling with my buddy Murphy and now I don't remember how to connect to the computer."


Not to mention that while this was working on happening, I had 5 people show up for payments within 5 minutes of each other, all while I was trying to take care of those 2 issues. They left kinda angrily. I was so freaking wiped that I passed out at 1am. That almost never happens. I was in the middle of a conversation with my redwings fan, and just ptfo.

I didn't screw up and chase him away though, so that's something.

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