Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 22: Where I backdate like a boss (again)

How I feel today

Today started off pretty awfully actually. I woke up and realized that the last text that I had sent (at 5amish) had never actually sent. I tried again and it still wouldn't work. On a hunch, I tried to call my roommate on my phone. Phone was shut off. So now I can receive messages and calls, but can't send any out. It makes things full of the suck.

Anyway, I worked on clearing out the living room of stuff, realized oh crap it is 1230 and I have to work at 1, so I went and changed, worked on getting stuff ready for the weekend and ended up deciding to just do it after work.

Work went by pretty quickly, apart from the slow time we had towards the end. Sladjena decided that she was SUPER hungry, and since she couldn't leave, and Jaimi had already left work 3 times that day, I went to Little Ceaser's with her card and got pizza and cheesy bread for us. It was SO GOOD!

After work, I rushed home, got all dressed up for Joycie's bachelorette party, and made up stuff for staying the night at James and Donny's place. My redwings fan called me on the way to the party, since I couldn't call him, which cheered me up quite a bit, as I really didn't want to go without hearing from him, and he pretty much started off by saying he needed his ginger fix ^.^

The party was ok. I got to catch up with a few people who I hadn't seen since high school, and then after that I went to my bar of choice (The Underground in Sandusky), listened to the owner's band, ate food and had my drink of choice (Honey Jack) before going and crashing at James and Donny's place. Opal (James's pug) is SO CUTE!!! I just want to snuggle her to death.

All in all, a good day. I got to talk to awesome peoples, catch up with old friends/acquaintances, and in general have a good time.


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